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Time for a blog

25th July 2011
Having spent 9 great weeks in Orkney, and then moved south through Wales, Cotswolds, pulled in a festival at Larmer Tree, we have now been camped on mothers drive for the last week. We took in my friends daughters wedding in Rutland, and we are pretty exhausted after photographing 120 guests for 12 hours, followed by social family stuff and eating loads (as you do with family).
Today was spent on the computer preparing images for printing and sending them (to Newcastle, a printing firm we visited on the way south. Tomorrow we move down to Rislip, to Marion's sisters to sit their children for a week. Might get down to Burgess Hill after to buy a new printer as the massive Canon P9000 has been stressing me +++, leaking inks etc and costing me hundreds in inks! The new printer will nor be a Canon with inks x 8 at £16.00 each. Its costing me more than Whisky!
There are 3 more weddings, 3 craft fairs and a month long exhibition lined up over the next 3 months. Hopefully this will fund travels down to Spain for winter months, and a bit more besides.
Marion has 50+ hat knitted and ready for sale, and I believe the knitting machine is coming out this week. I hope we don't get pulled onto a weighbridge in the coming weeks, as I suspect we may be a little heavy....
Well there we go... an opening of the blog which I am sure will become more varied and bizarre as time moves on.